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To say that electricity is a pillar that upholds the workings of society would be appropriate because it is the truth. This makes the management of electricity and energy of utmost importance. At the forefront of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric and its distributors are developing innovations that push the boundaries of a digital transformation. But what exactly does that entail and why is it important for the future of businesses and industries as a whole?

The Importance of Energy Management and Automation

Energy management is a concept with many definitions. Its first and most important definition for the purpose of this article would be “energy-saving”. Energy management is about saving energy. To be more specific, it is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in machinery, structures, and organizations.

Usually, this would involve several steps that start with measuring your energy consumption. You will then need to find energy-saving opportunities based on your analysis before taking action. The last step would be to evaluate the effectiveness of your endeavor and then repeating the whole process until you have the most ideal, energy-efficient system. This whole process is important because everyone needs to save energy whenever possible.

Globally, the need to save energy stems from the need to save the earth and preserve its natural resources. Electricity mostly comes from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, which means that they are becoming more and more scarce the more they are used up. Aside from that, burning fossil fuels contribute to the already alarming amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere that causes global warming and climate change. Saving energy through energy management would mean saving money on electricity costs, using up less non-renewable sources of energy, and contributing to the preservation of our planet itself.

Energy management also helps make your electrical systems safe, easy to manage, and efficient. It alleviates some of the stresses and headaches that come with the management and maintenance of electrical systems. Given those reasons, it becomes clear why energy management is important, but where does automation come in?

To put it simply, automation goes hand-in-hand with energy management. It can control devices and products that do not need human assistance while also managing their energy consumption. Products coming from Schneider Electric distributors can and will do the job for you. The only thing left to know is which products are appropriate for you.

Best products from Schneider Electric that will help your business

Schneider Electric is a company that has established itself in the electrical equipment industry all across the globe. By consistently delivering on its main business offerings that include energy management and industrial automation, the company has built up a reputation that only a few can match. Here are some of the best products that you can get from the nearest Schneider Electric distributor that can surely help your business in one way or another.

Circuit Breaker

Starting with the basics, Schneider Electric offers a state-of-the-art circuit breaker that is perfect for small to medium buildings. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to “break” the circuit in case of faulty conditions such as power outages, surges, and short circuits. This serves to protect your power system’s equipment and auxiliaries. Circuit breakers are standard in virtually all electrical systems, so it would do you well to employ the use of one anytime you can.

Variable Frequency Drives

To better manage your commercial equipment and small machines, the company also has Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) available. What the VFD does is control and manage your equipment’s AC motor speed and torque by varying its motor input frequency and voltage.

This product isn’t widely popular yet, but it has the potential to help global industries. Especially those that employ the use of electrical motors in industrial applications. Variable frequency drives make your electronic equipment more efficient and safe to use thanks to the regulation of power and voltage. Best of all, it’s all automated so there’s no need to micromanage how the VFD will perform. Just ask your Schneider Electric distributor regarding the specs and speeds involved.

Programmable Logic Controller

For those in the production and manufacturing industry, energy management is also viable thanks to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). In essence, PLCs are small, ruggedized computers that fit into your control system. They will serve as the “brain” of your industrial automation equipment and control your equipment’s inputs and outputs.

Similar to a regular personal computer, PLCs have a central processing unit, memory, and software. The biggest difference between the two is their size and their ability to survive in heavy-duty, industrial settings. Some of the most recognizable applications of a PLC are its uses in road traffic signals, elevators, automatic doors, conveyor belts and many more. Besides Schneider Electric, you can also invest in Siemens PLC in the Philippines.

Soft Starter

When it comes to protecting your AC motors, a soft starter is one of the electronic devices that you can rely on. Soft starters are devices that start your motor with reduced power at start-up. You may find it a bit unusual since you want the power to be supplied to your motor in order for it to work, but that may not always be the case.

The traditional method of starting an AC motor results in full voltage, current, and torque immediately being applied when the motor is started. The same amount is also instantly removed when the motor is stopped. The only problem with this method is that the high current and peak starting torque can potentially damage the motor and its equipment. If that isn’t enough, starting your equipment at peak power when it’s not always necessary can make your power consumption spike-up. This means more money spent on your electricity bill.

A soft starter can alleviate these problems. It reduces the power supplied at start-up, which reduces potentially damaging electrical and mechanical shocks that the system can receive while ramping it up to full speed. Soft starters not only start motors, but they also stop, reverse, accelerate, and protect them.

Whether it’s an industrial fan or a piece of construction equipment, electric motors are often the driving force behind them. Which is why you should also manage and protect them when you can.


Unlike the previously stated, which could manually or automatically cut off the electrical current flow to a system, switchgear is an upgrade from that simple function.

Switchgears are devices that can control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment. It is made up of a combination of circuit breakers, fuses, and disconnect switches that can both de-energize and energize equipment at your discretion. With a combination of many different electrical regulators and control systems, it is a comprehensive device that gives you ultimate protection and control. Consider getting one from your nearest Schneider Electric distributor.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is made to ensure your computer and other similar small electronic devices don’t turn off and incur damage when a power outage or surge happens.

UPS has many parts, but the battery is the main attraction because it kicks-in when the device senses a loss of power from the primary source. If a power outage happens, UPS will activate and supply power long enough for the user to save their work and shut down their computer properly. The same thing happens for other electronic devices such as external hard drives, wifi-modems, and even your landline phone for emergency calls during an outage.

There are a couple of things you have to remember about an uninterruptible power supply. First is that it works seamlessly. No need for switches or any other effort from your part. The other thing you have to remember is that UPS will only supply power to your devices for approximately 10 minutes. This means that you will not have much time to spare when a power outage begins. Save your work immediately, then shut your computer and other devices down. The time limit is due to the fact that UPS relies solely on a battery for its power supply capabilities. 

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There is a diverse amount of automated electronic products that you can get from your Schneider Electric distributor that will help your business in many different ways. It can aid you in protection, ease of control, and energy management. Having said that, there is no better Schneider Electric distributor in the Philippines than Trans-Tech Philippines System Corporation.

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