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AZO provides innovative bulk material handling, raw material handling, pneumatic conveying systems, mixer feeding, screeners & bulk containers for the reliable automation of production processes for the industry in foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic

You can also secure your prominent position with efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient automation concepts from the number one in mixer feeding.


dust-free feeding of various types of fossil flour automated feeding of the agitator vessels system design often adapted to existing production halls

Dairy products

  • acceptance of incoming products from sacks, big bags and tank trucks
  • screening and storage of the main components
  • high plant capacity
  • preparation of minor components to be added by hand into mixers
  • automatic feeding of mixers with bulk and medium components
  • strict requirements for cleaning and hygiene
  • end-to-end documentation, tracking + tracing, prompts to guide operators


  • avoiding cross-contamination
  • dust-free systems to protect machine operators or products
    bulk, medium and minor components
  • high degree of flexibility on account of large number of formulations
  • careful handling of tablets and capsules
  • stringent requirements for hygiene and cleaning, also wet cleaning and WIP
  • Automatic mixer feeding
  • end-to-end documentation, tracking + tracing, prompts to guide operators

Convenience food

  • pneumatic conveying systems for the main components in large quantities
  • dosing of medium and minor components and feeding them into the mixing process without risk of contamination
  • system designed for specific conditions at the customer’s site, bespoke solutions
  • systems with no generation of dust
  • high plant capacity and requirements for hygiene
  • faultless documentation / tracking + tracing / operator guidance

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