Engineering Freedom with Lenze Motors Philippines

Support your projects with Lenze Motors Philippines. Lenze Motors is a provider of high-quality products, innovative solutions, and world-class services for various electrical components. Lenze motors is a trusted name in the electrical and general contracting industry. The company boasts over 70 years of corporate history and only serves its customers with high-quality mechanical and electronic products. 

Not only does Lenze Motor Philippines create top-of-the-line products, but they also focus on extensive research to create and transcend in this highly competitive industry. They attribute their experience and competitive advantage to their collaboration with IT and software specialists to various digitization subsidiaries. 

Who is Lenze Motors Philippines for? Lenze Motors is for any factory who wants an engineering edge to optimize operations. If you’re looking for unique solutions for your factory or logistics facility, Lenze Motors has the innovations you need. 

Top-of-the-Line Products

Lenze Motors has a total of three dedicated lines of products that can easily be selected based on your current requirements. If you need time and event control products, Base-Line is the selection of products you can rely on. Another catalog of products is called State-Line. State-Line ensures speed and torque control. The last line of products is called High-Line. High-Line provides all your position control needs.

All three lines of Lenze Motors Philippines allow you to quickly recognize which products are the most ideal for you. All products available are easy to handle, first-rate, and durable. Each product is designed by expert engineers and researchers with reliable technology. You can trust that you’re only getting the best products for your facility. 


Lenze Motors L-Force products can be maneuvered using the Lenze Motors control technology. This equips you with powerful automation products at your fingertips. From modern visualization panels to cabinet controllers, you will surely find the right product for you. Coordinated interfaces, optimized run times and compact engineering is a guarantee with Lenze Motors Philippines

Industrial PC v800-C

The Industrial PC v800-C cabinet can be easily scaled and augmented to your machine and with other exclusive Lenze Motor products. It’s a high-resolution product that offers updated, glove-friendly multi-touch glass sensors. You can choose displays from 13.3 inches to 24 inches for starters. Industrial PC v800-C is also non-rotating mass storage equipped with a fan cooling system to keep your product at optimal temperatures at all times. The glass front also has IP65 protection to protect itself from dust and water. 

Controller p500

p500 is a maintenance-free panel-mounted controller, logic, motion and visualization device. This is ideally used for control and visualization systems for controller-based automation systems for central motion control or visualization devices equipped with a drive-based automation system. Optimum manufacturing results are guaranteed with the high-precision control system. There is no need to use forced cooling or moving components.

I/O System 100

The I/O system 100 can take up to 8 connections, even in the most compact spaces. Each connection only requires 12.5 millimeters of space on each rail. The two-part concept of the I/O system 100 features permanent wiring for the base module and electronic module. It’s easy to connect with the connection plan module designed in the system. 

Safety Controller cs250-S

Safety should be done at a control level. Controller software like cs250-S is a complete automation solution that brings safety engineering, control, and drive tasks in one. The compact safety controller can easily be mounted and can be directly stacked in the I/O module without the need to use extra wiring. 


If you need a simple presentation for your applications, the VisiWinNet product range can easily be integrated with your control systems. This software platform is designed for engineering tasks for mechanical systems. The functions available can be scaled according to your needs and is compatible with various runtime and developer systems. 


Lenze Motors Philippines also showcases inverters. You can scale these inverters according to your preferences so you can always get the right speed and torque control.

i950 Servo Inverters

i950 is a set of compact servos that can easily integrate with your automation platforms. It uses one platform to ensure flexible scaling. The compact design houses a small machine module that can be used for one motion axis or multi-axis systems. The future-proof design can be powered by 22 to 110 watts. 

8400 Motec Frequency Inverters

Drive systems are made easy with 8500 Motec frequency inverters. These inverters can be directly mounted on the motor or your wall. It’s suitable for traveling and conveyor drives for fulfillment centers, fans, and pump drives. It’s equipped with start/stop functions, analog input, and programmable digital input and outputs. The modular design consists of a drive unit, communication unit and wiring unit within the module. It also features IP65 protection. 

Innovative Solutions 

Implement your ideas with accuracy from Lenze Motors. Choose from engineered systems, high-tech mechatronics, digital solutions, and mobile drives for all industries. Lenze Motors has over 70 years of experience when it comes to creating motion control machines. The scalable hardware promises to be a comprehensive experience. Control the field and electro mechanics for maximum flexibility. You can enjoy a new range of possibilities for all your applications. The range promises that your software engineering will be made easy, quick and reliable. Lenze Motors Philippines includes a set of software modules that consist of ready-to-use machines. 


Mechatronics from Lenze promises a seamless interaction with the machine and machine module, even if you’re using a traditional system. Platform a wide range of drive tasks long-lasting, reliable, and easy to handle. This allows you to reduce the number of drive variants on-hand, so there is no need to move through several drive systems to get to the right one. You’ll also be able to lessen the time you spend on your entire engineering process. 


Going digital means staying competitive in this ever-changing industry. Ensuring that your business model is updated can give you an advantage in the present and the future. Digital increases your potential to adapt and to develop new business models. If you find that your data is inconsistent, Lenze Motors promises correct and consistent data from the beginning. Workflow is smooth and seamless with Lenze Motors Digital Solutions. 

Mobile Drives

There are electric and hybrid vehicles being powered by Lenze Schmidhauser all over the world. Electronic mobility and production blend effortlessly with Lenze Motors Mobile Drive Solutions. Environmental change is an ever-growing concern for the present and near future. By using electronic and hybrid vehicles, the world can slowly turn the tides of change around. You can trust the years of quality and experience that Lenze Schmidhauser provides. 

No matter what specifications you’re looking for, Lenze Motors can optimize your industrial needs. Give your organization an edge over the competition with Lenze Motors. 

World-Class Services 

In addition to the consistent product portfolio, you can rely on an extensive range of world-class assistance from Lenze Motors. Expect short delivery times, great product quality, and a local partner that solely focuses on all your needs and preferences. Lenze Motors strategically plans its services to guarantee a reliable product and product performance. Never worry about downtime or sudden errors daily. 

  • Inspection

Factual situations can be inspected thoroughly by Lenze Motors. Lenze Motors can detect energy saving potential, weak points, risks, and power reserves. Lenze Motor’s inspection bench includes an electronic and electromechanical drive for special key components that are critical to the machine’s function. While inspecting energy efficiency, Lenze Motors also takes inventory of the existing machine. 

  • Prevention

Preventative measures can bring foresight to events that haven’t occurred. Minimize reaction times and standstill times when a fault occurs. Save time and money with preventative services. Lenze Motors optimizes spare parts for important components and drafts an inspection report and maintenance plan for you. 

  • Optimization

Ensure that your system works in top shape at all times. Optimization is the key to making sure that your systems are always seamless. With this, you can significantly reduce your energy costs, shorten your set-up times, and improve your power utilization. You can expect high-rated open and closed-loop control parameters. Lenze Motors makes sure that all your machines are always running in the best condition with their optimization protocols. 

Top-Quality General Contracting with Trans-Tech Philippines

Whether it’s fire detection and alarm systems in the Philippines or otherwise, Trans-Tech and Lenze Motors work together to offer general contracting and top-of-the-line machines for all of you. If you want to remain future-proof and competitive in the present and for the future, put your trust in Trans-Tech Philippines for your general contracting needs. 

You can choose from a wide array of products to fully optimize your projects. Quality service is also another promise of Trans-Tech Philippines and Lenze Motors. Fortunately, you can visit our main offices in Filinvest, Mandaue City, Cagayan De Oro and more. 

Whether you’re looking for a powerful driving system or an electrical contractor in the Philippines, Trans-Tech can help you find the perfect product for your processes and needs. Click here to learn more!

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