Trans-Tech Philippines Systems Corporation

Systems Integration  |  Machineries & Parts  |  Equipment Automation
Technical Engineering Services for: Civil, Structural, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical
Leasing and Retailing of Laptop and Desktop


Is a multi-business industrial group doing the following:

  • 01

    Marketing, Distribution and Systems Integration of:

    • Machiniries
    • Functional Systems
    • Automation Control System
    • Power & Energy Efficiency Products
    • Power Meters
    • Generators with Control
  • 02

    Provices Application & Technical Analysis of Green Saving Energy Products which helps Improve Combustion Quality, Reduce Emissions & Operational Cost.

  • 03

    Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly & Supply of Functional Systems of Electrical Panel Boards, Switch Gears and Capacitor Banks.

  • 04

    General Contractor for Civil / Structural ; Architectural (Interior & Exterior); Mechanical, Electrical; Electronics & Automation; Technical Engineering Services for (Waster Water Treatment, Process and Pneumatics).

  • 05

    Leasing and Retailing of Laptop and Desktop
    Our diverse product range consists of desktop systems and components, laptops, smartphones and accessories.

Our Mission


To be the top quality general contractor for civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, automation control systems & technical engineering projects.

o maintain a strong and stable multi-business group which is pro-active and highly effective to implement turnkey projects, to provide complete manufacturing, process and packaging machineries , component parts and technical services for various industries.

Our Vision


To always be a value added marketing partner and systems integrator of reliable international products.

To continue opening avenues for other related business opportunities with other growing industries.

To create job opportunities to the qualified individual which brings mutual growth to both company and employees.

All for the Glory of God through Jesus Christ.

Trans-Tech Philippines System Corporation

Full obedience and respect with high standard of health and safety consciousness for the protection of environment and working staffs are primary objective of all company activities.

Safety is given equal importance to other business objectives. Everyone is responsible for all safety acts buts its implementation is ultimate and prime most responsibility of top management.

All accidents can be avoided thru consistent workshop and reminders to all regardless of time and location.

By making a conscious effort to integrate all reasonably practicable safety measures into projecplanning, by providing protective equipment, safety training and information to all its workers concerned and by deploying competent trained safety professionals in day-to-day safetymanagement, Trans-Tech Philippines Systems Corporation strives to protect everybody, especially the general public, affected by our project. We will seek ways to conserve natural resources including raw material, water, fuel and energy and introduce recycling schemes where practicable.